NU Student on Innuendo Overuse – “Stop shoving it down my throat”

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When asked to describe a school year at Northwestern, Mary replied: “Long and hard. And often wet, but inviting nevertheless” she added with a laugh, referring to the uncooperative weather. “The only way to succeed here is to really penetrate deeply, to really put it all in when it comes to academics.”

LeCoumb believes giving up innuendos is the only way for this to happen, but she realizes how difficult that will be. Even she has used an innuendo before. “Yeah, I’ve done it. My first time was rough.” she says, “but I assure you, nothing of that nature has been in my mouth since.”

Students interested in stopping innuendo overuse should contact LeCoumb, who attests that TITS! is extremely welcoming. She says “attend just one meeting, and we’ll grab you and make sure you never stop coming.”


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