Obama Completes Every Quiz on Sporcle; Republicans Win the House


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The President’s new hobby has resulted in some shakeups on the Hill. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke allegedly considered tendering his resignation after Obama forgot his name on the “Obama’s Cabinet” Sporcle game. His family life is also feeling the effects: Obama’s daughter Sasha almost went to the press after 4 nights sans Harry Potter readings.

After his momentous completion of the 116,365th game, Obama started writing his own quizzes.

His quizzes can now be found on the Sporcle website, including “Obama Merchandise” (the “’Yes We Can’ Opener” and the “’Head’ Of State Obama Vibra-Dildo” were the most frequently-missed answers) and “Celebrities Who Endorsed the Hip, Still-Relevant Obama in 2008.”

Incoming Speaker of the House, Representative John Boehner (R – OH), commented, “This is a surprising admission. We’ve seen addictions before in Washington—sex, drugs, gambling–but Sporcle, that’s certainly a change. Just not the one Americans were supposed to believe in.”

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