Northwestern Math Department Introduces New Number between Seven and Eight

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Dr. Martina Bode, Director of Calculus, commented, “I like red pen. I really like red pen. I’m very happy with the addition of this new number. Students will answer many more questions incorrectly. I will be able to use much more red pen.”

This announcement is meeting mixed reviews across campus. Charlie Chang, Slivka resident, was intrigued by the news. “I like a challenge. The SATs were so easy, especially after I started middle school. I’m very excited about the addition of ‘dag.’”

However, Allison Resident Bobby Grumith was furious when he heard the news. “This is so typical. I spent so much time and effort learning just the first ten numbers. And then I got to high school. Learning ‘dag’ will be stupid. And calculus. I hate math.”

After the announcement, Wunsch was heard discussing more plans to confound students. “‘Dag’ is just the beginning. We’re planning on exploring many options to curtail high math achievement, including harsher grading and administering only oral exams. In Latin.”

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