Op-Ed: Halloween Not as Scary as Your Family’s Expectations


This can be an especially rough experience for freshman, many of whom were able to get into this school because their parents freaked out whenever they got an A-, so if you’re in that situation, it might actually be in your best interest to go into that creepy barn with the hooks hanging from the ceiling. At least Leatherface doesn’t care how your last interview went.

Don’t try to fool yourself into thinking you can handle your parents’ “I’m not angry just disappointed look” because if there’s one thing more terrifying than the thought going through an Exorcist-esque ritual to purge a demon from a family member, it’s the fact that the demon isn’t angry at you, it’s just disappointed. Hey, at least when Christmas comes, you don’t have to worry about an evil god killing you, just everybody in your family repeatedly asking if you got that summer internship you applied for.

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