Econ Major Relies on ‘Invisible Hand’ to Choose Apartment


“You see, while most people spend their time getting into groups, checking out locations, and signing a lease, I’ve learned through my time in Econ 202 that there’s a better way to do it,” said Foster. “Going back to Adam Smith, I’ve decided to let the market choose where I live next year. Given the counterintuitive nature of economic forces—and how they seem to be a reasonable substitute for proactive decision making at the Cato Institute—I’m bound to get a good place.”

Foster’s plan, however, has been met with skepticism among his fellow econ majors and many Northwestern professors. Hearing about the Foster’s plan, macroeconomics professor Kevin Nash responded, “Da Fuck?” His classmates believed him to be similarly foolish, though Dr. Ronald Posner—visiting behavioral economist from the University of Chicago—seemed oddly okay with his willingness to take laissez-faire to its logical conclusion.

Foster, however, remains optimistic in his plan, as he holds the firm belief that the market makes better decisions than any one actor. “When has the market ever led anyone astray?” In a post-recession housing market, he’s willing to take his chances.

Update: A local source has reported that Foster will either be living in a dumpster or Hinman next year after having failed to procure a lease. When asked about his options, Foster has stated that he prefers the dumpster.

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