Gramatik Are Perform at Dillo


EDM boy’s maternal relation saying that he also inpsire from hip hop and be making music since 13 years of age. “You may feel it an odd combination, but I fancy Denis has always been a bit of a multi-tasker. Very diverse taste. Even in his second year he’d receive top marks in maths and mother tongue. English, yes. He’s always been an eloquent speaker and writer.”

Somewhat a entrepreneur, EDM boy own Lowtemp Records, company for distribute all the high temp beats. Accord to EDM boy, who say it “morally right for music to be primarily free,” all music on label offered for its free. But others of people say know his secret. Them try to YouTube listen his song Native Son and had to listen to ad. Shake head reportedly.

Reporters ask Mayfest why it bring EDM boy to campus even though he being sneaky with financials. They say it a trade-off. “We can’t wait to see Gramatik bring fun and funky vibes to the Lakefill.” Fine, little fun and funky.

Information think EDM boy also getting paid for Dillo performing. But this how life is. Even freedom has cost. Sell or be selled. If not able to see EDM boy at Dillo in May, sources hear it possible to see him Lollapaloozing in August with opener by Andy Grammer.

I hardly knowing ‘er.

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