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The Northwestern Flipside is a daily satirical publication (similar to The Onion) and official student group at Northwestern University. It was founded in January 2009, and makes approximately 1983.2 people laugh, chuckle, and smile to themselves daily.

The Northwestern Flipside is a member of the Flipside News Network, which includes other satirical publications such as The Stanford Flipside, The Feinberg Flipside, The Edinburgh Flipside, The Hoosier Flipside, and The Deerfield Flipside.

Each day, we publish articles, headlines, radio news, magazine news, video segments, and more on this website. Every other week, we distribute print editions of our articles across campus. To view an issue in its entirety or .pdf form, visit the Archives.

All names and quotes are made up unless a public figure is being satirized. Remember, these are all jokes.


If you would like to join The Northwestern Flipside, recommend an idea, submit an article, or have any questions, please email contact@northwesternflipside.com or click here.

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