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Sam was born on the top of Mount Kilamanjaro, because apparently Mount Everest wasn't feasible. He's currently training to be a licensed sherpa so that he can finally conquer Everest once and for all. In his free time, he is a freelance Rick Ross impersonator, specializing in kids' birthday parties. Despite his name, Sam is NOT a freed man. Sam killed both Abe Lincoln and John F. Kennedy. No one has seen him in broad daylight. Sam is also the foremost groupie of Iowa-based Heart tribute band Heart: A Tribute Band. A man of many talents, he hopes to one day help Heart: A Tribute Band play a concert on the top of Mount Everest that can be heard around the world.

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STUDY: Theater Kids are Weird


EVANSTON — A study released earlier today by Anthropology professor Dr. Martin Robinson reports the conclusion that theater majors are weird. Furthermore, he found that despite being highly extroverted and sharing their lives with everyone, they are often quite loud and obnoxious. Robinson said that he was first drawn to research theater major culture after he heard numerous reports of the “loud, obnoxious theater kids all over Norris.” He then conducted a thorough study that compared 50 theater majors with

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