Oh Shit, It’s 4/20!

EVANSTON—Oh shit it’s 4/20! Shit shit shit! What time is it? Holy 11:37!? That means I have … let me see … carry the three … 12 hours and 33 mi…no wait 12 hours and 24 minutes to smoke!

Where’s my stash, closet closet closet … crap it’s all gone! Must be Josh, that fucking weed-stealing d-bag, fucking stole all my fucking weed … where can I get some bud? Let me call Karl, he’ll have some … connecting … dammit connect! Karl! Karl it’s Doog! How’s it hangin broski … listen, dude, do you have any weed by any chance? C’mon man, it’s 4/20, can you help me score? YES sweet okay let me write it down … 3-8-6-6-7-9-9-0 Fairview Blvd. Okay sweet, thanks dawg!

Okay, I gotta get to this house man! What time…12:04!? I need to get there quick! Shit! Ummm … bike where’s my bike? Rack … no … garage … no … lawn … yes! Okay we are in gear. Okay, turn left, where’s Fairview, where’s Fairview, BIG TRUCK OH SHI

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