Tyler Perry Makes Movie About Black People

HOLLYWOOD—Lionsgate Entertainment announced Tuesday that filmmaker Tyler Perry has plans to create a picture about African-Americans. The movie is to be released in theaters on October 23rd, but most critics are surprised that it managed to break free of the “straight-to-DVD” branding of most “stupid” movies.

“This is a huge step forward in filmmaking,” said Cornelius Jones, a Lionsgate executive. “Never before has there been a film geared mostly towards an ethnic audience about a single ethnic group. [Perry] is really stepping out of his comfort zone with this endeavor.”

Perry’s last picture grossed an astounding $40 million dollars, so the release of Madea Does Some Moderately Funny Shit may shape up to be not only a groundbreaking film, but also one that somehow actually makes a ton of money. The posthumous appearance of both Bernie Mac and Isaac Hayes (making a cameo as Chef) should also boost sales. Furthermore, Oprah Winfrey endorsed the film as, “Practically as good as Roots, except without Willis from Different Strokes.” This kind of endorsement, judging by the success of A Million Little Pieces, could skyrocket Perry to super stardom.

Reportedly, UPN offered to buy the rights to a sitcom spin-off, starring one of the twins from Sister, Sister, Steve Harvey, and the lead singer of Hootie and the Blowfish. Says Maya Angelou, “At this rate, we could have a black President of the United States.”

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