Asian Parents Disappointed that Rice Game Was about Football

EVANSTON – Attendance at Ryan Field was up 30 percent after all the Asian parents with children at Northwestern attended their first football game. The dramatic upswing occurred when the parents, who collectively split three orders at Joy Yee’s before kickoff, learned that the game had something to do with Rice.

Some first-time fans were impressed by the game of football, like Woo Jin Sun Kim, who goes by Ben. “Getting back from the game reminded me of traveling around Beijing,” said Ben, the father of a sophomore economics major. “And that one guy with the headphones and the angry face, he seemed really into it.”

The Asian population was also impressed by the blind obedience displayed after the third quarter during “Put your hands up in the air,” even if most people looked like they didn’t want to participate. Others noted that the players worked very hard but are getting paid very little. Finally, the fact that there seemed to be many more men then girls at the game reminded some newcomers of home.

“We looked great against Rice,” one of them said. “I haven’t been watching all year, but we must have a great record.”

There were, however, some dissidents. Several attendees complained about being unable to see over the tall people standing in front of them. Others said that it was hard to distinguish the players from each other. By far the most complaints, however, related to the general inefficiency of having 4,000 of America’s brightest minds getting belligerently drunk to watch men in tights grab each other for three hours.

“We heard there was going to be rice at the game,” said local Evanstonian Koi Cosy. “And it wasn’t even BYO!”

Accord was reached on one topic, however. All of the Asian parents agreed that the foam finger was a great giveaway because the parents will be very happy to know their kids are number one.

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