Former Heavyweight Champ Joe Frazier Dies after Fight with Liver Cancer

EVANSTON – In a shocking turn of events, boxing icon Joe Frazier finally succumbed to his injuries sustained from liver cancer this past Monday. Although many know of his exploits on the canvas, few are aware that the 5’11” champ was hell-bent on “taking out cancer”. Shortly after he retired, and against the direct advice of many professionals, he began a campaign to “beat cancer the only way I know how: with my fists”. Frazier became notorious in certain hospital circles for attempting to destroy labs containing cancer samples. Occasionally this would include patients as well, usually without the consent of their families.

After his arrest in 2008 following the destruction of a wing of Johns Hopkins Medical Center, he turned his attention to other forms of cancer. In early 2009, he was photographed stomping on specimens belonging to the crab genus “Cancer”, and reports have surfaced from people who claim to have seen Frazier throwing rocks at the “Cancer” constellation. Whether he hit it or not remains unknown, but astrologists have claimed that “odds are slim, but knowing Smokin’ Joe, who knows.”

For three years, cancer would allow these assaults to continue, but no longer. Police details remain sketchy, but early reports indicate that one of cancer’s heavier hitters, liver cancer, broke into Frazier’s home on November 4th at around 6 in the evening. Wielding a heavy piece of pipe engraved with the words “Live[r] Let Die,” the tumor managed to destroy several of Frazier’s belongings before the fight broke out. As mentioned, the details of the confrontation are not fully known, but Frazier took several blows to the abdomen before the growth escaped. He was rushed to the hospital, but has just recently succumbed to his wounds. Doctors have described it as “cancer”, but from what this reporter has seen, the cause of Frazier’s death also includes blunt trauma, blood loss, and, for some reason, jaundice.

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