Parents Weekend to be Highlight of Lonely Freshman’s Quarter

EVANSTON — Todd Parr of Plex-East is to have his best weekend at Northwestern so far when his parents Walter and Cathy visit on Saturday.

“We’re going to eat at a nice Italian restaurant, see a live show of “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,” and visit the Field Museum. It’s going to be dope,” Parr said.

Parr, who’s hoping to double major in Physics and Classics, has yet to adjust to Northwestern life. His crippling fear of the opposite sex and startling affinity for World of Warcraft have prevented him from going to any event that might be construed as social.

“I stood in the corner at munchies once,” Parr added, “for about three and a half minutes. That was cool.”

Parr mentions that he’s excited for the weekend because he and his parents get along famously and like all the same things. He notes a mutual love of sweaters, Reader’s Digest, and fiber.
“It’s crazy how well we connect. They manage to completely understand my life. They, like, totally get me,” Parr mentioned.

Parr is excited to show Walter and Cathy what he calls “his Chicago,” which includes (from his frantic Googling yesterday) two nationwide pizza chains, the Willis tower, and that “reflective vegetable thing.”

The Parr parents, Walter and Cathy, have been in Florida since their only son Todd left for college. Their opinions on the weekend differed from Todd’s slightly.

“He’s a sweet kid, but we really wish we could skip this whole ‘Parents’ Weekend’ thing. We had two barbecues planned that we had to miss,” Cathy said.

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