Students Excited for Money, Food, and Clothes Weekend

EVANSTON – Northwestern students are eagerly anticipating the annual Money, Food and Clothes Weekend, which will take place this year from November 11-13.

The money, food and clothes will be flying and driving from all around the country, some even traveling overseas to reach campus.  The money, food and clothes will accompany students to this weekend’s home football game against Rice; a few commodities will sit in on Friday afternoon lectures.  These valuables will also ask their students if they have been wearing their winter coats and if they have been eating well.  Some may take it a step further and clean up dorm rooms, even asking to meet with a professor or a dean.

The money, food and clothes will be invading local hotels over the next few days, and will undoubtedly introduce themselves to other students’ money, food and clothes.

“It’s gonna be a great weekend,” said Weinberg freshman Clarence MacMillan.  “I’m definitely stoked for the food; a nice meal in town beats eating at Plex again.”

Not everyone is in good spirits, though. Sentiments like “I specifically went to college to get away from them!” and  “Yeah, I miss my money, food and clothes, but can’t I just see them over winter break?!” have been overheard around the university.  

As Medill sophomore Erica Meyers put it, “I’m poor, I’m hungry, and I’m cold, but that doesn’t mean I want to hear another story about what Greek life was like thirty years ago.”

Still, the general consensus around Northwestern is that Money, Food and Clothes Weekend will be welcomed with open arms.  University President Morty Schapiro may have summed it up best when he noted that, “Sure, they can be annoying sometimes, but the bottom line is, it will be nice to see them. You love your money, food and clothes!”

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