[Future Issue: 2161] Chicago Cubs Win 75th Consecutive World Series

THE MOON – Baseball’s most successful franchise won its seventy-fifth straight title (and seventy-seventh overall) last week, defeating the Galactic League champion Boron VI Green Stockings of the Luciferin Galaxy. This year’s Series was played on Earth’s moon for only the fifth time after the Moon League won the All-Galaxy Game in a dramatic 4-3 nail biter. It was Starlin Castro IV who hit the go-ahead 1,091 foot homerun in reduced gravity to give the Cubs the 2161 title.

The Cubs’ great seventy-five year run all started when (then) Major League Baseball finally integrated the game with human clones. The Cubs were allowed to play a clone of Jackie Robinson for the first time in 2074; the franchise never looked back. The Ricketts family, owners of the Chicago Cubs, bought the patent on human cloning in 2080, which has prevented other teams from using cloned players.

“People told my family that we had no right to buy the patent, that anyone should be allowed to use it to bring back loved ones who have since passed on, but we didn’t listen,” Steve E. Ricketts, great-great-grandson of Tom Ricketts, told The Milky Way Flipside. “We promised a World Series title to Earth-Chicago and this was the only way to give it to them. Trust me, we tried everything else.”

The 2161 Cubs, which consists mainly of Babe Ruth, Albert Pujols, and Starlin Castro clones, defeated many powerhouse teams before clinching title number seventy-seven. They defeated teams on HGH, teams consisting of mainly robots, and teams consisting of silicon-based life forms.

“We’re no match for carbon-based life forms, that’s for sure,” explained Boron VI third baseman A117N Thompson. “Especially cloned carbon-based life forms.”

In related baseball news, the St. Louis Cardinals, New York Yankees, Chicago White Sox, and Miami Marlins all failed to reach the playoffs again. The last time any of these pathetic Earth League franchises won the World Series was in 2011.

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