Michelin Reviews the Keg, ***

By Gloria Arugula

Sitting down at the Keg of Evanston as some refreshing pop plays in the background, the first thing I notice is the ambiance. Quiet Northwestern students are studying at booths, enjoying some fresh Keg Popcorn. It’s a peaceful environment, but the dust collecting on the bar and poles is disconcerting.

I order a hamburger and the server asks with a sigh if I’d like anything else to drink. Though the liquor license is gone, the Keg remains one of Evanston’s finest and classiest establishments.

The onions on my burger are sliced perfectly, and the cheese is melted ever so carefully on the grass-fed beef burger. The bun has been toasted on the grill and the accompanying pickle glistens in the musty lighting. I ask for sautéed mushrooms, as an afterthought, and the speedy service is impeccable.

For dessert I order the brownie sundae, and the server suggests I head down the street to Andy’s where the dessert is, “in all honesty, better.”

The Keg has a long history of fine cuisine. Besides incredibly well-seasoned, well-cooked, and well-displayed food, the people at the Keg have always been what makes it so special. Many have proposed to their significant others amongst the haze and beer. Though the mood is down, the spirit is hopeful. Northwestern students are determined to not allow this establishment to die. And so it lives on. Join the students in their quest to save a local business, and enjoy the delicacies of what I am officially deeming a Michelin 3-star restaurant.

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