Non-Greek Night: A Live Blog

5:52 PM – Weekend time! Got my midterms behind me and an awesome weekend with absolutely zero responsibility ahead of me! Time to celebrate! Whooooooo!

6:23 PM – Celebrating with Hot Cookie Bar at Allison! God damn that tastes good! This is what college is all about, right here! Who needs the Greek system anyways?

7:13 PM – Just getting a little History homework out of the way, then it’s party time!

7:56 PM – Here we go! Swiped a miniature of Jack from my parents over break, and I’ve been saving it for a special occasion! 50 mL of liquid fun, baby!

7:58 PM – Okay, I spit up the first sip, but now everything’s fine. I poured the rest of the miniature into a bottle of Coke; I should be drunk soon, right?

8:05 PM – Holy shit! Netflix has Spaced now?!? This night keeps getting better and better!

8:06 PM – You know what would make a Spaced marathon even better? Easy Mac.

8:42 PM – Oh, god, I forgot about the cookies. My stomach.

8:51 PM – I really don’t want to stop watching; would my roommate judge me for taking my laptop into the bathroom?

8:53 PM – My roommate’s AEPi. Hello from the bathroom!

9:21 PM – Haha, I love this show!

10:32 PM – Did I remember to wash my hands…?

1:14 AM – It’s kind of quiet in here.

1:15 AM – I’m lonely.

1:31 AM – Curing seasonal depression with Minecraft. I’ve almost finished my scale-replica of Mordor!

1:35 AM – Forgot how fucking boring this game is. I’m going to bed.

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