TKOE Loses Liquor License, 1/3 of NU Students to Transfer

On January 30th, 2012, The Keg of Evanston closed following the revocation of its liquor license due to multiple violations of underage drinking. Northwestern University students came together in mourning the end of those crazy, drunken nights at the Keg.

Students were bound to be upset about the ruling, but no one anticipated the mass exodus from the university. Nearly one third of the student body has applied to transfer elsewhere rather than remain in a Keg-less Evanston. The top 3 schools students are applying to are Arizona State University, University of Chicago, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

“I came here for the academics, but I wanted to party, too,” Weinberg junior Jason Palmer said. “With the Keg gone, I’d rather go to a decent school where I can get wasted and get an OK degree.”

Surveys show that 98% of Northwestern students went to the Keg regularly, while over 80% of students chose Northwestern for the Keg after visiting the establishment as prospective students.

McCormick freshman, Michael Cho, stated, “With the Keg gone, UChicago is way better than Northwestern. I’m trying to get out of here quick!”

It’s a sad day when Northwestern students can say UChicago is more fun than NU. It’s no surprise a third of the study population is transferring. In other news, this will be my last article for the Northwestern Flipside. I’ll be transferring to the University of Alabama in a few days. Roll Tide Roll.

Rest in peace, Keg of Evanston, rest in peace.

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