Limbaugh Regrets ‘Slut’ Insult, Really Meant To Say ‘Whore’

NEW YORK – Rush Limbaugh has been attacked from all sides for his reaction to Georgetown student Sandra Fluke testifying in front of Congress in favor of women’s rights, in which he called Fluke a ‘slut’.

In a brilliant PR move, Limbaugh retracted his earlier statement, saying, “I was wrong to say what I did. She isn’t a slut for trying to advance her beliefs through peaceful means, which was well within her natural rights; she’s more like a whore.”

“I understand why people are mad,” Limbaugh continued. “Mistaking Fluke, who is very clearly a person who offers her body for monetary compensation, for someone who merely acts overly sexual, is entirely my own fault.”

The media has yet to react to this move, and the 7 companies who have pulled advertising spots from Limbaugh’s show so far have not indicated any intentions of coming back. But Limbaugh is hopeful.

“I spoke too reflexively,” said Limbaugh, “because I was so overwhelmed by her despicable and crude rhetoric on what is an important topic to me. I know that there are people out there who support me in this situation.”

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