Piers Morgan Interviews CBS This Morning Hosts about Interview with Oprah after Her Interview with Lance Armstrong

NEW YORK — Continuing the media frenzy over Lance Armstrong’s admission of doping, Piers Morgan invited the hosts of CBS This Morning to talk about their latest interview with Oprah Winfrey, whose recent interview of Lance Armstrong is set to air in a few days.

“We were pretty well prepared going into the interview,” said Charlie Rose, one of the co-hosts of the morning news program, to Morgan. “We’ve read all the information out there available about the interview she’s done with Lance Armstrong, about the doping case against Lance Armstrong, and most especially about Oprah herself. We came up with a list of thirteen questions to ask, and though we didn’t get to all of them, I think we got Oprah to really open up about this difficult interview she’s done.”

“It was very surprising to us that Oprah was so willing to discuss the interview with us. She was very forthcoming. I think the most important parts were when Oprah reminded us that we should check with our television service providers to make sure we get OWN,” said Gayle King, CBS This Morning co-host and Winfrey’s close friend. “We all felt that this was probably one of the most important interviews we’ve done about an interview that’s been done.”

The CBS hosts emphasized to Morgan that this was a “no-holds barred” interview which does not in any way promote itself by riding on the coattails of Winfrey, a once popular talk show host.

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