Back from Break, Thoughts that my Angry Feminist Roommate Didn’t (Did) Share

By My Angry Feminist Roommate

UGH. I just can’t believe we’re back already. It’s not even that I don’t want to do school work again, I mean I’m really excited to get to the nitty-gritty in “Gender Studies 205: Why it’s so Hard to be a Woman” and “History 307: A History of Every Repressed Culture in History.” It’s just that Northwestern is like SO, heteronormative. Like today, this misogynist in khakis offered to move one seat over in Kresge so I didn’t have to sit in a lefty desk. WHY would he think that I would WANT him to move? AND he just PRESUMED I wasn’t a lefty. Can you believe that? UGH. That would never happen in San Francisco.

Also, why were there all those statuses about the “Fighting Irish” on Monday night? I mean don’t people know that that’s a racist thing to say? Though Caucasians obviously merit less cultural sensitivity as the obvious ethnic oppressor in every instance in the entire course of history (thank GOD I’m taking 307. It’s REALLY opening my mind), I don’t support the social media degradation of any people. Plus they had that potato issue, right?

Oh wait the Fighting Irish is Notre Dame’s mascot? God, it is JUST like Northwestern students to not even NOTICE the results of a NATIONALLY IMPORTANT sexual-assault trial until MONTHS after it came to the media spotlight. Wait, you mean those facebook statuses had nothing to do with Notre Dame’s super-important sexual-assault cases that EVERYONE knows about? What do you MEAN you don’t know what I’m talking about? Don’t you read ANY blogs? Am I the ONLY person who’s informed? UGH. Wait, what’s a BCS? Why is it in a bowl? Can you serve kale in it? Oh, it’s a special football game. I GET IT. Everyone cares SO MUCH about football, but none of you would join me when I stopped shaving my legs for the duration of the Women’s Field Hockey team’s winning streak. WHATEVER.

OH. MY. GOD. just posted about teenage girls CUTTING THEMSELVES for Justin Bieber. Him and his hair are RUINING their self-image. EVERYTHING is wrong with society. EVERYTHING. UGH. I’m going to have that bowl of kale, now that you brought it up, and blog about it. Society, I mean…and maybe the kale.

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