PARC Petitions ASG to Change Name of Parkes Hall

EVANSTON — After five clueless freshmen and about twenty equally clueless sorority recruits walked into the Public Affairs Residential College (PARC) thinking it was Parkes Hall, the residents of PARC have petitioned ASG to change the name of Parkes Hall. “It was sort of funny the first two times when freshmen entered our dorm looking for their classes in here, but it gets really annoying when strangers roam our dorm looking for classrooms that don’t exist because they don’t comprehend the difference between PARC and Parkes,” commented Joe Granger, a bereaved SESP sophomore.

Some new names that were suggested include Ryan Place, Pancoe Hall, Foster Hall, McCormick Hall, Searle Complex, and Swift Center. Alicia Dougal, one of the student leaders in the petition charge, explained, “We gave it a lot of thought and we finally narrowed down our list to these names because we really wanted to avoid future confusion with other buildings.”

Many students who don’t live in PARC have also supported the petition. “It’s very embarrassing to walk into the wrong building to find a class,” said Kyle Doorman, a freshman who was victimized by the two buildings’ similar names. “I hope by changing the name [of Parke’s Hall], future freshmen will avoid the mistakes I made.”

Meanwhile, Parkes Hall has filed a counter-petition demanding that PARC change its name to CRAP. Claire Garrett, a PARC resident, commented, “Oh well, everyone calls it that anyway.”

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