What Do You Think about BJ Novak, A&O’s Winter Speaker?

EVANSTON — BJ Novak, stand-up comic, writer, and actor, spoke in Pick-Staiger Concert Hall Saturday night. What does NU think?

Rudolph Rogerson, Bobb Freshman Trying to Come Up with a Hilarious Headline Idea That Would Totally Be Featured on The Flipside’s Front Page, Not Realizing That His Concoction Is the Kind of Thing That Only Sherman Ave Would Publish

Carrie Thomas, Class of 2017 Facebook Group Poster Who Heard about the Headline Rudolph Rogerson Was Trying to Formulate
“Geez, just an HJ is enough for me.”

Norma Greco, Vice President of the Stamp Collecting Club and Unaware of the Immaturity Featured Above Her
“Finally, someone un-cool and irrelevant enough that I can relate to them.”

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