Pledge Mom Tells Her Pledge Daughter She Was Pledge Adopted

EVANSTON — Delta Delta Delta Delta Sophomore Allison Gordon did not have a Pledge Reveal night as joyous as the rest of her sorority sisters. In fact, she had been dreading the evening all week. She decided, out of respect and love, that her Pledge Daughter, freshman Rachel Solomon, was finally ready to learn that she was Pledge Adopted.

“I never thought I was going to Pledge Adopt a baby, but the circumstances called for it. Her real Pledge Mother just couldn’t handle the responsibility of having a Pledge Daughter at this time, especially since she was doing her Journalism Residency this quarter,” said Allison.

“I wanted to provide a Pledge Mom week just like any normal Pledge Family would have, but it was double the stress for me. I had to worry both about her finding out that I was her Pledge Mom and about her finding out that she was Pledge Adopted. I didn’t want her to find out from anyone but me.”

The week went by more or less according to plan, but Rachel sensed something was a little off. An Instagram gallery titled “I love my Pledge Mom!!!! <3" revealed how many more presents she got than other girls in her pledge class. Rachel described her suspicious feelings. "At first I was just like, 'OMG I love my Pledge Mom!’ But then as the week went on I was all like, ‘Is it kinda weird that I get so many more presents than the other girls?’ But in the end I just assumed that I literally had the best Pledge Mom EVER!”

When Allison broke the news to her adopted Pledge Daughter, the two had a long, tense, and confusing conversation, causing Rachel to burst into tears.

After a few minutes alone Rachel came back out and apologized to Allison. She told her she still loved her just as much as if she was her real Pledge Mom. Allison assured Rachel that she understood and was just happy to have such a great (adopted) Pledge Daughter.

“After the other girls in my pledge class found out I was adopted they acted kind of strange towards me, but that didn’t affect my love for either of my Pledge Mothers. I’m just glad I didn’t get left out of Pledge Mom week entirely, like that bitch Pledge Orphan Stephanie.”

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