Student Blood Donors Upset to Discover Donor Week Isn’t about Them

EVANSTON — When she first heard about Northwestern’s donor week, Weinberg freshman Susan Hamilton was excited about the recognition she thought she’d receive for her active participation in school blood drives. However, she was dismayed to find about that donor week was not, in fact, about those who have donated blood, but about those who donated money to the school.

“How selfish can this university be?” exclaimed Hamilton. “I’m pretty sure blood donations have done much more for the world than the monetary generosity of others.”

Her story is similar to many other such donors on campus, who gathered in the recently-renovated Harris Hall last Thursday to share their stories and voice their complaints. Utilizing the new projector system for his presentation, Communications senior Trevor McCarthy remarked, “We can easily see the effects of blood donations since they save so many lives, but we can’t really see the effects of monetary donations. Why should the university recognize these donors but not us?”

McCarthy added, “Only 70% of the world’s blood donations come from non-college adults. The rest comes from college students like us. We deserve more thanks than those money-tossing alums.”

Following the meeting, Hamilton stormed home to her dormitory, Allison Residential Community, stalked through the freshly carpeted lounge to cool down by watching Parks and Recreation on the flat screen TV, and threw down her things in frustration onto the brand new couch, scolding two boys for playing ping pong too loudly.

The University declined to comment.

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