Tour Group Perspectives: The Cool (Okay, Embarrassing) Dad

Dedicated to the world’s proudest Dad

WOW. This is so cool. This is the coolest ever. My daughter is the best ever. I wonder if she’s having as much fun as I am? I wish I was standing up front with her so I could ask! (My wife made me stay in the back with her because during our tour of UCLA, I pushed three accepted engineering students out of the way so I could stand right behind the tour guide, and then asked more questions than all of the communications majors put together.) I’ll wave. I bet she’ll see me if I wave. RACHELLLLL, RACHELLLLL.

Drat. My wife made me stop waving. She keeps whispering that I’m being goofy. Oh well, I don’t think Rachel minded. She was only avoiding eye contact so she could look at all these cool chalkings! There are so many student groups here! I wonder if there’s an a cappella group. I was in an a cappella group. I should ask! My wife won’t let me raise my hand though.

It’s so warm, but that might just be because I’m wearing an article of clothing from every single institution Rachel was accepted to; that’s two t-shirts from UVa and NYU, a zip-up sweatshirt from WashU, socks from UMich, and this knitted hat fleece hat with earflaps from Cornell. I know it’s sixty degrees and sunny out, but I just wanted everyone to know that my daughter’s the best! I hope we go to the bookstore soon. Their website only had one “NU Dad” shirt, and if Rachel goes here, I’ll need at least five more. (Really though, where is it? Shouldn’t it be somewhere close to the middle of campus? They must have hidden it on purpose. They’re so clever!)

Whoa! A statue! Maybe I can get Rachel to stand over by it and take a picture with my cell phone! Oh, that’s just an Organic Chemistry student that froze trying to get in to Deering Library on Martin Luther King Day? They’ll thaw out soon enough. Maybe we should talk about UCLA again though.

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