Stacey’s Cool Mom Is Gonna Have Fun at Dillo

By Stace’s Mom

Guys, have you heard they are making guests under 19 have adult chaperones at Dillo this year? Well, since my daughter Stacey (Stace because we’re besties) is only 17, it looks like I’m back on campus, party people!

First and foremost, I’m thinking the gals and me’ll start off the day with some dorm “consumption.” Obviously totez discrete. I’m willing to supply if Stace will stop telling me that she hates me and to stop wearing her clothes. Anyways, this is such a cover photo/prof pic opportunity. Stace and me are going to take really cute dorm pictures that give off that “Omg we’re such carefree hotties on Dillo” vibe.

We’re definitely going to head over to the Lakefill after that. I can’t wait for the “no words” headliner this year. AVICII is easily my favorite song! I heard they’re reading a Dan Brown novel on stage too. This really is Nerdwestern!

I’m really hoping we end the night at an off campus party. Stace thinks I will have fallen asleep by then. Come on guys, you are talking to Miss Northern New Jersey 1978 here. I sincerely hope the CSO doesn’t try to pull any of that wristband crap. You don’t get your Starbucks gold card by “following the rules.”

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