Study Abroad Student Nearly Caught Up on Breaking Bad

PARIS — Three weeks into his two-month Study Abroad program, rising senior Jimmy Bullock confirmed today that he has successfully completed Season 4 of critically-acclaimed drama Breaking Bad. The AMC program, which begins its 6th and final season this August, was reportedly savored by Bullock in binge-watching marathons during free evenings and weekends while other students in the program were taking advantage of their once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to explore Europe.

“This program is fantastic!” Bullock gushed in a recent blog post, referring to the Emmy-winning phenomenon and not the language immersion program that his parents spent thousands of dollars on. Bullock’s comatose-like vigil was soon shattered by an incoming text message from a classmate inviting the English major to visit an art gallery. Either oblivious or indifferent to the fact that he would not have this few obligations or responsibilities for decades, Bullock politely declined, his pulse quickening as he loaded yet another episode, desperate to discover whether Walt would turn the tables on Gus this time.

Following his mandatory classes the next morning, Bullock elbowed his way into a conversation between three classmates whose names he never bothered to learn. The students had been discussing their affection for the program, a sentiment that Bullock readily shared.

“It’s so great here!” Bullock eagerly exclaimed. “I’ve got, like, twice as much free time as I do at school! I’m almost completely caught up on all my shows!”

Reports indicate that even as the conversation shifted through discussions as diverse as the scenery of the Basque region or the beaches of Nice, Bullock continually attempted to steer the conversation back to praise for Bryan Cranston’s acting skill and quiet menace.

“So, any plans for this weekend?” One student asked after several moments of silence. “We were thinking of taking the TGV down to Marseille for a day or two.”

“Sounds fun!” Bullock answered. “I haven’t really decided what I’m going to do this weekend. I mean, I should really be taking advantage of my time here, right? I’ve heard great things about the show Deadwood, so maybe I’ll start that!”

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