ASG Thrilled that #ASG is Finally Trending on Twitter

EVANSTON — Due to Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game, #ASG was a trending tag on Twitter. The Northwestern Associated Student Government said it was the greatest moment – literally the greatest moment, free of any controversy or procedural bickering – in the history of the organization.

“We were ecstatic,” said Matthew Silver, ASG’s Vice President of Coincidental Social Media Publicity. “This is the kind of moment that my office, and all of Northwestern, has been waiting for.”

The fact that the fame was short-lived (the hashtag was only trended for the three hours that the game took place) did not seem to dull any spirits within the ranks of ASG. It is presumed that the ASG Senators were still experiencing the so-called “Trend High,” which, while placing the affected person a state of euphoria, could cause increased blood pressure, lobotomies, and an increase in the global poverty rate.

ASG President Ani Ajith later added, “While we know it isn’t the NFL or anything, we’re pleased to see that Major League Baseball supports us, even if not all of our students do.”

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