Soon-To-Be Roommates Already Confident That They Will Be Best Friends

THE INTERNET — Incoming freshmen Kerry Stahlin and Nicole Silva officially became roommates yesterday. Silva quickly accepted Stahlin’s offer to room together, a product of months of Facebook inbox flirtation. “Kerry is just so me. I feel like I’ve known the girl my entire life,” Silva explained. Although Stahlin and Silva have never met, their online communication clearly conveys that they are an undeniably perfect pair.

The relationship began shortly after early decision letters were released. Silva messaged Stahlin in early January, “Although this is super random, I’m not a creeper. I really don’t know many people in the Class of 2017 group, and I figured I’d say hey. You look really pretty in your prof pic btw!”

Pleasantly surprised by the message, Stahlin replied to Silva, “It was totally sweet of you to inbox me! Don’t feel awkward at all. I like your hair! It’s pretty!”

The conversation quickly surpassed such superficialities, as the two discussed taste in music, prom dress selections, and a mutual love for The Bachelor and Channing Tatum.

“I was pretty much sold when she told me that she was obsessed with comfy sweatpants and working out. I LOVE both of those things!” Silva said.

Both girls admitted to some photo stalking. Stahlin was very impressed with Silva’s varied arsenal of cute tops, and Silva expressed a high regard for Stahlin’s ability to “look hot even in weird lighting.”

Upon hearing of Silva’s acceptance of her offer, Stahlin tweeted, “Rooming w/ DIS BITXH next year @Nikki44soccer luv u gurl.” The two have yet to discuss the fact that Stahlin intends on having her boyfriend sleep over four nights a week, or Silva’s plan to practice the trumpet in their room on the nights before Stahlin’s organic chemistry exams.

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