Summer Expectations vs. Reality: A Semi-Autobiographical List

Things I Planned To Do This Summer:
—Read at least 5 books on the Modern Library Top 100 List
—Finally watch that series my roommate keeps telling me about
—Get tan
—Go to the gym 4+ times a week
—Make valuable career connections at my dream internship
—Reconnect with high school friends
—Travel somewhere I’ve never been before
—Take advantage of the nice weather

Things I Actually Did This Summer:
—Read a Seventeen Magazine from October 2009
—Watched 13 Friends reruns that I’ve already seen at least 3 times
—Got sunburned
—Went to the local rec center once, lost my membership card, gave up
—Sat around with other interns wondering what we’re all supposed to be doing
—Reconnected with my NU friends via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat
—Reached level 82 on Candy Crush
—Took advantage of the A/C

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