Students Complain about Evanston Residents’ Party

EVANSTON — What started as a friendly Mahjong game ended as a wild rager for a group of Evanston residents on Lincoln Ave Friday evening. At approximately 10:30 pm Evanston Police received a phone call from a group of students living in Elder Residential Hall reporting a noise complaint about some rambunctious festivities down the road. When officers arrived on scene, what they found was  “quite disturbing,”  according to one of the officers who responded to the call. The Elder lawn and surrounding area were littered with peanut shells and used playing card sleeves. The crowd of middle-aged partygoers had mostly dispersed, but not before they left their mark.

“Disgusting,” is all one unnamed Elder resident had to say about the matter. Other irate students had much more to comment. One student living on the third floor, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “This is a college town, a place for quiet study nights and no fun whatsoever. I’ve had just about enough of these Evanston residents interfering with my college lifestyle.”

Even school administration is fed up with the pattern of obnoxious behavior common among the Evanston residents. “Steps will be taken to ensure this ‘party life’ in Evanston does not spread to, or affect, this pure and chaste campus,” one school official said.

This incident is just another in a string of bouts between the unsullied students of Northwestern and the raucous population of Evanston, Illinois.

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