Chicago Freshman “Really Doesn’t Care” His Parents Aren’t Coming to Family Weekend

EVANSTON — When asked by his fellow freshmen if his parents were coming on Family Weekend, Chicago-area student Brandon Layne said he was “totally ok” that they weren’t showing up. “I mean, I live in the city so they can just visit anytime they’re free,” Layne said as his friends already switched subjects to the Homecoming game.

Layne cited the fact that they never came to any of his little league games or his piano recitals either as reasons why he is “totally chill with them skipping out on Family Weekend.”

“I mean it would be nice if they answered my calls once in a while, but they have better things to do with their time, I guess,” Layne said before bursting into tears.

As of press time, Layne had not stopped crying. His parents could not be reached for comment as they were visiting their daughter, Rebecca, at DePaul.

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