Freshman to Pursue Acting Career after “Being Discovered” on ESPN College GameDay

EVANSTON — “During those magical two seconds that the College GameDay camera was on me, I felt like I had finally realized my purpose in life,” said Weinberg freshman Horatio Del Toro. “I’d never felt more alive.” Del Toro, who was on the pre-med track at Northwestern University, has decided to abandon his undergraduate degree in order to chase his newfound ambition of acting. Rather than transferring to the School of Communication to study theater, Del Toro has made the gutsy decision to jump right into the professional world.

Del Toro’s announcement has been met with unbridled enthusiasm and support from the University. “We hope that Horatio will remember his institution when he is inevitably thrust into stardom,” the University released in an official statement. “Godspeed, Horatio, Godspeed.”

Alex Webster, a former classmate of Del Toro, said of his friend’s decision, “I was watching Gameday and I actually saw Horatio on TV. He was spectacular, the camera loves him.”

An instant celebrity, the video of the College GameDay broadcast featuring Del Toro’s two-second cameo has already reached 2 million views on YouTube. Setting out to prove he’s not just a one-hit wonder, Del Toro has reportedly already purchased a one-way plane ticket to Los Angeles through American Airlines. He is planning to expand his career into the film industry as opposed to just broadcast television.

Webster said Del Toro’s performance leaves no doubt that the freshman will have a successful career in Hollywood. “I’d never seen an imitation of a wildcat so lifelike. His claw, his roar—it was like nothing I’d ever seen.”

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