With registration for Northwestern University’s 40th annual Dance Marathon closing Oct. 25, many students are debating the merits of dancing for 30 hours. The Flipside asked proponents of two opposing viewpoints to present a list of reasons for and against participating in DM.

No: We Should Not Register for DM

Opinion by Uninformed Members of the Class of 2017 and Students’ Collective for 24/7 Library Hours

  • Annoying Facebook statuses
  • Canning outside is “kind of cold”
  • Blisters hurt
  • Voice loss caused by extensive singing
  • Increased possibility of having 200 pound frat boy step on your foot during “Sandstorm”
  • Potential for extremely unattractive Facebook pictures (sweat is gross)
  • No opportunity to study for that midterm you knew about 7 weeks in advance
  • Emptiest library weekend of the year – FOMO

Yes: Registering for DM Will Be the BEST Decision Ever

Opinion by Charitable Organizations, ASG Working Group for Increased On-Campus Raving, and a Biased Flipside Writer Currently on a DM Committee


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