NFL is Apparently Still Happening

NEW YORK — To the surprise of most Americans, the NFL is not only still in existence, but has been playing its current season for several weeks now. This shocking announcement has most Americans incredulously shaking their head and muttering about athlete salaries.

In a less shocking revelation, this season has proven to be just another iteration of every previous NFL season since the birth of the league.

“It’s been a really exciting season so far,” proclaimed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. “There’s that one guy who’s in a little trouble with the law. Then there’s the one whom everyone loved, but he’s not doing very well this year. Oh, and that other guy is having a great season! That’s great to see after his mediocre performance last season.”

Other exciting moments of the season include a game that was really close until the favored team won in the last few minutes and several referee calls that sparked discontent among one team’s fans.

Football fan T. J. Caroll explained to The Flipside that this season is “one of the most riveting [he’s] ever seen.”

“That one game last Sunday was incredible. You don’t see football that good every day. I can’t remember a game that fascinating since that one last season.”

Teams will play for a few more months and then they’ll have playoffs. Eventually two teams will make it to the Super Bowl, where one team will lose because, once again, the refs hate them. The halftime show will be loved by some people but others will say it was the worst ever.

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