Fan Attempts to Save Justin Bieber from Dehydration, Discovers Bieber Cannot Catch

SÃO PAULO, BRAZIL — In a recent incident blown out of proportion by the media and tabloids, Philadelphia native Mark Anderson has once again saved pop sensation Justin Bieber from dehydration by providing the singer with a complimentary bottle of water.

Anderson reportedly first noticed signs of dehydration while Bieber was singing his hit “Boyfriend.” He immediately rushed to the nearest concession stand and purchased Brazil’s finest Aquafina. Upon his return to the arena, he noticed the turgor of Bieber’s skin was not at the normal levels. Bieber seemed to be losing his breath and walking with a swagger.

“I knew I had to take action,” Anderson said. “As soon as he got close to me I tossed him the bottle. He’s just so bad at catching things and it hit him in the head. He was so embarrassed he had to leave the stage for a while. Thankfully, he got some water backstage.”

This is not the first time Anderson has attempted to protect the singer’s health. Mark Anderson follows all of Bieber’s tours around the world, continuously monitoring Bieber’s hydration levels.

“I’ve had to throw him bottles before but he never catches them,” continued Anderson. “He’s so bad at it. I think next time I’ll use a water balloon and just hope to catch him in the mouth.”

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