Northwestern University Football Team Loses Game

EVANSTON – The Northwestern University Football team lost a game against another football team by scoring fewer points than the other team. While the Northwestern football team moved the football toward the end zone of the other team, the other team more effectively moved the football toward the end zone of the Northwestern team, scoring points on at least one occasion.

While the Northwestern team repeatedly threw the ball very far and oftentimes ran with it after making these very far throws, the other team was able to more effectively perform a similar sequence of throwing, catching, and running with the football.

Both football teams tried to stop the other team from reaching the end zone with the football by tackling its members to force them to cease progressing toward the end zone.  The Northwestern University Football team was less effective at doing this than the other football team.

The football met NCAA regulations with a pressure between 12.5 and 13.5 pounds per square inch, a weight between 14 and 15 ounces, and a circumference between 20.75 and 21.25 inches.

While the Northwestern University Football team tried very hard to win the game, it ultimately lost the game to the other team, which also tried very hard and is generally considered to be a superior football team. Most pundits and analysts had predicted this outcome beforehand.

“This was not what we wanted,” said coach Pat Fitzgerald, who himself once played in losing games as a football player for Northwestern University. “We would have preferred to win the football game by scoring more points than the other team.”

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