Rare Black Northface Fleece Lost at the Deuce

EVANSTON — The Northwestern community was rocked Friday morning by the news that a rare black Northface jacket went missing at a local bar.

“I went to the Deuce, threw my jacket in the corner behind the pool tables like everyone else, and went on to party,” said Weinberg sophomore Beverly Savage, the owner of the missing item. “It never occurred to me it could get lost. It’s not like it could have been mistaken for someone else’s identical black Northface fleece.”

The news of the misplaced article of clothing first broke on the “Northwestern University Class of 2016” Facebook group, where the post was met with shock and sympathy. “You never see those kinds of posts there,” Tom Robbins, another freshman in the School of Communications elaborated. “I mean, people lose things occasionally, but a black Northface? At the Deuce? That’s one of the most horrible and unfortunate news items I’ve ever seen on the Internet.”

Savage, however, has not lost hope. She and her friends have formed a search party and plan to scour the NU campus and surrounding area. “I don’t think anyone will try to just wear it and walk around Evanston,” the bereaved young woman said. “It’s not like one in every three people you pass on Sheridan any given day are wearing one, you know. I could spot a fleece like mine from a mile away.”

At press time, rumors had surfaced of an even graver loss—a freshman from Elder has reported a purple lanyard with a set of keys on it missing.

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