CTA Offers Northwestern Students Additional Opportunity to Ignore Chicago

By Alyssa Morvis

EVANSTON—Evanston officials announced Tuesday that the Chicago Transit Authority will soon pilot the addition of an evening Purple Line express train. 

Running to and from Wilmette and the Loop between 8:00 and 10:00 pm, the added Purple Line express train will provide Northwestern students with an invaluable additional opportunity to ignore the resources of the world-class city at their fingertips. 

Director of Northwestern Chicago Field Studies Program Barbara Warburton expressed her excitement for the possibility of the evening Purple Express. 

“The proximity of the city of Chicago is a huge benefit of attending Northwestern,” Warburton said. “An additional evening Purple Express train would give Northwestern students a new chance to disregard access to the entertainment, leisure, and career possibilities awaiting them in the beautiful city of Chicago.”  

Warburton is unsure if the program will continue after the trial run, but she hopes it will nonetheless benefit students looking to more often express their indifference toward the international hub for finance, commerce, technology, and arts just miles away from Evanston.

“Our goal is to ensure that Northwestern students, many of whom included Northwestern’s closeness to Chicago as a significant reason for applying to the University, have as many means as possible to decide to not take advantage of all the city has to offer.” 

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