OPINION: America is Ready for a First Man

By George Elhemhinerman, WCAS ’18

Listen up America: It’s time for true gender equality. That’s right, I said it. It’s time the United States of America had a male First Lady. In the 239 years that this glorious nation has existed, there have been more than 50 First Ladies and every single one has been a woman. It’s time for a change, America!

William Jefferson Clinton is just the right man for the job. He has decades of experience in the political arena as former Governor of Arkansas and a brief stint in national politics. However, many critics say that this is a woman’s job, and that a man wouldn’t be able to do it. Its 2015, for fuck’s sake, and these antiquated gender stereotypes have no place in our society. I’m tired of the glass ceiling all men face. A man can do any job a woman can do, and the office of First Lady is no exception. Michelle Obama, the incumbent First Lady, has ruthlessly campaigned to further childhood obesity. With all of his previous political experience, I have no doubt Bill could rise to her standard and create his own platform for change in America. And you know what? It’s time we give a man a chance!

Anyone who doesn’t think a man could be the First Lady is on the wrong side of history. In fifty years, people will look at you just like we look at segregationists now. This, and this alone, is the next step for gender equality in America.

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