Area Student Secures Subway Sandwich Engineering Internship

WAVERLY, MA — Sources report that Juan Lopez, MEAS ’19, has successfully procured a prestigious Subway Sandwich Engineering internship for the upcoming summer. Lopez, a Mechanical Engineer, who applied for a variety of internships around his hometown as well as in Chicago, felt that the position at Subway would truly make his resume stand out.

“I really wanted a summer job that would use the skills I learned this year in school,” said the freshman when asked about his decision. “You know, I had a lot of jobs to choose between. I’m a pretty desirable candidate.” While he didn’t want to brag, he additionally made several hints that this was a paid internship, and that he could make upwards of 9 dollars an hour.

The position, which requires only that applicants be at least 16 years of age and not actively in prison, is offered to thousands of Americans year-round, with locations in all fifty states. Job duties include greeting customers in a friendly manner, preparing sandwiches to exact specifications, and sweeping the floors after close.

On the condition of anonymity, one of Lopez’s friends was less than impressed by his friend’s plans. “Sandwich engineering? That’s nothing. My dad knows a lot of people, and he got me an internship in the Baked Goods Quality Control Division of Starbucks.”

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