SOFO Training Expanded to Quarter-Long .34 Credit Class

EVANSTON – The Student Organization Financial Office recently announced that their infamous training sessions will be expanded beyond the hour-long seminar and will instead be listed as a quarter-long course. This class, listed as SOFO_391, will be available starting Fall 2016 and will be worth .34 credits.

“We’re really excited about the changes and think it will really help Presidents and Treasurers better manage their organizations,” SOFO representative Amanda Hawthorn reported. “Having lectures three times a week gives us the opportunity to spend much more time on complex subjects, like what to do if a speaker requests payment in dimes manufactured between 1986 and 1991. We need to make sure everyone is prepared for every possible scenario.”

The syllabus for the proposed class includes three midterms and a final, as well as weekly reading responses. The class will cover every conceivable problem a student group could run into in managing their club’s finances, yet strangely after the course ends still no one will be able to figure out how to get a $30 reimbursement for a website hosting fee.

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