Graduating Senior Doesn’t Have Plans for Summer, Life

EVANSTON – Graduating McCormick Senior Ryan Hanley recently revealed that he doesn’t have plans for this summer, or the rest of his life. This troubling announcement comes at a time when most of his peers have figured out what they will be doing for the next 40-50 years, let alone the months following graduation.

“I applied for a few internships and pondered what career I could see myself doing for the rest of my working life,” Hanley said, “but honestly nothing’s really fallen into place. I might end up spending summer bumming around, or working that godforsaken Auntie Anne kiosk again, and maybe I’ll keep doing that forever.”

Sources say that this uncertainty is not new for Hanley, who was without a career-relevant internship for both of the previous two summers. This time is no different, though he now has a little added pressure from the need to choose a fulfilling career that will leave him emotionally satisfied and financially comfortable.

For now, Hanley says he is optimistic. “I have no doubt that I’ll find something productive to do with my summer,” he announced. “I just hope that it will open the door to continue as a full time employee with upward potential, and hopefully in the city where I plan to find my future spouse and eventually raise children.”

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