Area Mom to Run Tomorrow

Area mom Cindy Johnson has decided to finally act upon her new year’s resolution of being fitter, healthier, and more active by publicly proclaiming that she will be going on a run tomorrow. The announcement was made via a Facebook post where Johnson boldly claimed this was the year she’d be able to wear a pair of jeans that haven’t fit her since 2004. The post received eleven likes, and a singular ‘sad’ reaction.

“I’m really, really excited for tomorrow. I just can’t wait to be the best me that I can be!”, said Johnson. “Running is just one part of it; I’m also going to be eating healthier and keeping a track of my daily activities.” Johnson proceeded to show reporters a brand new pair of bright pink Nikes and a Fitbit she purchased during Christmas. Upon being asked why she was only acting upon her new year’s resolution almost a month after the new year, Johnson said, “Things just keep coming up. Either it’s raining or I need to make breakfast or I have to drop the kids to school. But tomorrow’s going to be perfect! Nothing could possibly ruin tomorrow.”

Johnson’s husband, Mark, has expressed his support of her resolution. “I think it’s great that Cindy’s decided to run tomorrow. I’m really proud of her and I’ll support her all the way, just as long as I don’t have to make breakfast or drop the kids to school.”

Johnson’s nine-year-old daughter, Caroline, has expressed similar sentiments. “It’s so exciting! She said she would run this year but I never thought she would actually do it!” Her fourteen-year-old son, Kevin, however, is skeptical of his mother’s conviction. “I mean, it’s good that she’s decided to do it, but if a little bit of rain or getting breakfast ready has stopped her before, there’s no way she’s doing it in 20-degree weather tomorrow.”

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