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Mute Man Trapped in Plexiglas Box Mistaken for Street-Performing Mime

CHICAGO – Workers Tuesday were painting a large mural on the side wall of a new apartment complex when a sudden gust of wind knocked a bucket of silver paint onto area mute man Nick Campbell, who was taking a casual afternoon stroll. The blinding mixture caused him to stumble into a large Plexiglas box, which promptly locked behind him. Campbell silently attempted to call for help and pushed his hands against all sides of the box in hopes of

Theater Major Actually Thinks I Saw His Show

EVANSTON—Northwestern University prides itself on its nationally acclaimed theater program. Widely recognized by students across the country, Northwestern theater prepares young artists to cope with rejection, the typical outcome of real-life performance auditions. One hopeful freshman, Jeff Sachs, is actually convinced that I was aware of and had time to attend The Taming of the Shrew, a student-organized show he worked on. Sachs, a dazed theater major, clearly faltered in logic with that thought, failing to recognize that my attendance

Endowment “Shrinks” in “Cold” Economy

EVANSTON—Frigid economic conditions have shrunk the size of Northwestern’s endowment, according to new reports from President Bienen’s office. University spokesman Steven Westerstein released a statement yesterday downplaying the so-called “shrinkage” effect on NU’s performance. “We here at Northwestern University have always felt that it’s not about the size of the endowment, but how you use it that really matters. Besides, it’s not like our endowment is that small. At least we’re still bigger than Wash U.” Northwestern student reactions were